Shadow’s Reach


A youth plays a virtual reality game to escape the stresses of his final year of studies.  A young man that explores a new world, and finds surprising secrets lurking around every other corner.  Cosmos Gate, the game he plays, is not what it seems.  Can he save the world of Cosmos Gate from the impending disasters?

A strange beast fights to survive and to protect his clan.  Pushed into a position he was not prepared for, and forced to do things he has no confidence he can.  Can he save his people?  Can he lead them to a brighter tomorrow, free of the evils that are hunting them down?

A young assistant helps an old Emperor with his daily tasks, but often finds himself spending all his time simply listening to the fantastical tales the old man loves to tell.  But there are undercurrents in the world of which neither are aware.  What will happen with the old man’s tales, and what does it mean for the young assistant?

How far do the shadows reach?


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