Shadow’s Reach set for regular releases for the rest of the month

I’ve spent the last week cranking out about a chapter a day in order to prep me for the coming quarter of studies.  The result so far?  Not only is this week’s chapter already ready and scheduled for release coming Sunday, but I have chapters ready and scheduled for the rest of the month.

I’ll keep working for the rest of the week, at a slower pace, though – since I’ll be working on several assignments due in the week hereafter – and should have chapters ready for the month of May as well by the time classes start.  So even though I’ll be busy as hell with classes and major projects, you don’t have to worry about getting your regular fix of Shadow’s Reach!

Thanks to everyone who has been reading Shadow’s Reach so far, I really appreciate it!  I hope everyone is ready for the journey that awaits!

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Chapter 3 – Predator and Prey

The image in Antoine’s mind overlapped with the man sitting in front of him, and the two merged into one seamlessly.  He gave a deep bow.

“Good morning, Your Royal Majesty,” he greeted before slowly returning to the vertical.

The Emperor merely smiled at him and gestured majestically to the two seats in front of the desk.  Antoine took his seat, paying attention to always maintain a straight, neat posture.  Even in the seat, he could not relax.  The agonising seen of earlier that afternoon kept coming up in his mind every time he thought about relaxing.

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Chapter 2 – The old Emperor and the young Assistant

Author’s Note:

I felt that this chapter was too short and didn’t have enough happening in it to merrit being a regular chapter.  I try to have my chapters be around 2 000 words long.  So from now on, if a chapter is shorter than around 1 700 – 1 800, I will publish it on a Wednesday as a bonus chapter!  Unless I only finish it afterwards, in which case I’ll release it alongside the regular one on a Sunday.

Oh, and don’t forget to check the links I have in chapters (like this chapter’s one regarding epaulettes).  If I use a term or saying, or refer to something I think many might have questions about, or had to look up myself, I’ll link it in the text to help you guys out!




Antoine half-trotted along.  His footsteps echoed up and down the long, wide hallway.  His pace was brisk, causing his hair to sway gently.  The right side of the corridor was lined with massive windows.  They stretched from the floor to the ceiling, and cast regular boxes of light across the hallway and onto the wall opposite.  The wall opposite, on the other hand, was a beautiful white wall.  Every couple of steps was a door leading to the office of one official or another.

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Shadow’s Reach availible on, Patreon, and more.

Yes, that’s right.  Shadow’s Reach is now availible on  For those who don’t know yet, is one of the biggest western webnovel websites in the world.

I applied for what I guess you could call ‘hosting rights’ a while ago, and recieved notification this afternoon that Shadow’s Reach has been approved for hosting.  You can now find Shadow’s Reach availible on

As part of my hosting on, I’ve also created a patreon page and a paypal donation button for those whom wish to support me or show their appreciation.  You can find the link to both at the bottom of the post.

Also, you guys don’t have to worry, I’m not going to stop posting Shadow’s Reach here, nore keep any content exclusive to either or Patreon.  Those of you perfectly happy to read Shadow’s Reach here, won’t find your experience any different from those reading on RRL (save for the obvious differences in layout and interface).

Thank you guys so much for you support and for reading my work.  I really appreciate it way too much to be expressed in words.  I sincerely hope you continue to enjoying Shadow’s Reach.


Chapter 1 – A new arrival

The world faded in in fits and starts.  It wasn’t smooth as had become the standard for similar games.  It was a sensation not too easy to describe, it was almost like a series of bubble popping.  For every bubble that popped, a new part of the world, a building, a group of people, a tree, a bench, etc., existed.

“Haa, finally I can relax a little!” a young boy sounded, elated, “I know this is supposed to be a preparatory year for when I begin to work, but they really are driving me to my wit’s end!”

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Chapter complete and coming this weekend

Alright, I managed to complete another chapter of Shadow’s Reach.  I’m just going through and making some final edits.  It will be up this weekend, as per our usual arrangement.  I hope everyone enjoys it.

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What is reputation?: A difficult and complex definition.


Reputation often plays a seemingly obscure role in the functioning and success of an organisation.  reputation is a complex term, with many interpretations, and at least two separate models.  It is often very easy to forget about the importance, and the role that, reputation, and it’s management, plays in the success and continued existence of an organisation in times of affluence and financial progress.  One is often reminded too little too late of its actual importance during crises, and in the midst of the collapse of one’s company grown through blood, sweet, and tears.

reputation is one of the many silent, stealthy forces at play, governing the direction an organisation goes, and determining its likelihood of future survival.  The recent crisis with Volkswagen has demonstrated how incredibly powerful and important reputation is.

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The cicadas drummed away, their humming echoing back and forth underneath the canopy where the leaves rustled and cracked in the wind which weaved like a flame through the trees in waves deep into the forest.  The sun needled through the canopy, lensing to the underbrush where it scattered the insects whom only moved far enough to avoid the light before droning on once again.  Every now and again a stronger, more abrupt rustle trudged forth from someplace or other in the forest.

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Shadow’s Reach soon to join original literature

I’ll be adding within the next hour ‘Shadow’s Reach’  my latest story project.  The chapters will appear in the feed, but have a look at the ‘Original Literature’ page for details regarding my schedule (in the sense that it isn’t a schedule?), and other details.  And under ‘Original Literature’ you’ll also find the information and index page for Shadow’s Reach.  I’ll update it with the links as soon as I have the first chapter posted.

Please don’t be shy, comment and let me know what you think.  It really helps to keep me motivated to keep doing this.  I want this to be a journey that we undertake together.  If you have any suggestions let me know and we can discuss the direction we go with the story together.

I’m looking forward to taking on this project together with you guys and I hope you enjoy it.

For those too lazy to check out the pages:


Click here to read

I will be working on the story in my free time (which, as you all know, is all but non-existent), so don’t expect too frequent releases.  If and when I do complete a chapter I will schedule it for release on the following Sunday evening (at around 18h00 SAST [GMT+2]).  I’ll also make a post to let you guys know a chapter is upcoming.

I’ll be releasing the prologue out of this schedule (in the next hour) so you guys can have a read and maybe (hopefully) get into it a little bit.