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Alright, this is the spot where I’ll put up my original literature, specifically my stories.  I’ll post them as I write.  I can’t, and don’t, promise that I’ll finish any of them, nor that (at least for the coming year or two) I’ll be able to post on anything resembling a regular schedule.  I’m writing this only as I have free time, and the energy to write, and my studies are ensuring that I have very little of that.

Though I find writing relaxing, you’d be surprised how taxing on the mind it is to write, especially fiction, where you’re creating the world as you write.  It really is very tiring.



About my approach to writing



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Well, what can I say about my approach to writing?  It certainly isn’t anything resembling a structure.  Mostly I usually have an idea for a story in my head, usually inspired either by things that happen to me, other stories I read, hear or see, or some interesting philosophical concept or some other idea I come across.

Typically I begin by designing a few characters in my head, basic personalities, etc., or going to my database of personalities to see if there are any interesting personalities I think might work in the story I have in mind.

From there I begin by writing a prologue, an introduction to the story.  In it I try to get a feel for how my writing style is going to be.  I try to determine the narrator, the style of characterisation, the tone, etc.

If everything feels right, then I’ll do a chapter layout.  I begin by deciding on the main arcs (each typically spans 20-40 chapters, the exact number depending on the nature of the story, the size of the chapters, the importance of the arc, etc.).  I write down the title of each arc, and a couple of paragraphs on what exactly happens in the arc (at this point its all very broad of course).

From there I go through each of the arcs and flush it out down to the chapter level.  Each chapter gets a title and a paragraph on what happens in it.  Once I get ten or so chapter into the actual writing of the story I typically come back and write down the names of every main and important side character involved in the chapter.

I usually also set up a glossary of all the universe jargon (the terms and language specific to the universe, such as place names, terms, etc.), and I also write a few pages on certain cultural traditions, conventions (such as naming conventions, festivals, beliefs, etc.)  This doesn’t always happen, but it does happen more often than not.

Once this is done I start writing (though I often also write throughout the described process as well).  I’ll then revisit the lists and pages mentioned above periodically to update the information and make changes as necessary.

Well, that’s about it.  Thanks for reading, below are the projects I’m currently working on.




I’ll typically work on my projects over the weekend and during vacations.  If I complete a chapter I’ll schedule it to be posted on a Sunday evening (probably around 18h00 SAST [GMT+2]).  This page will also be updated at the same time with the links to the posts.

Again, I don’t promise anything like regular releases, I’m swamped with my studies and can only do this in my very limited free time.


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