What is reputation?: A difficult and complex definition.


Reputation often plays a seemingly obscure role in the functioning and success of an organisation.  reputation is a complex term, with many interpretations, and at least two separate models.  It is often very easy to forget about the importance, and the role that, reputation, and it’s management, plays in the success and continued existence of an organisation in times of affluence and financial progress.  One is often reminded too little too late of its actual importance during crises, and in the midst of the collapse of one’s company grown through blood, sweet, and tears.

reputation is one of the many silent, stealthy forces at play, governing the direction an organisation goes, and determining its likelihood of future survival.  The recent crisis with Volkswagen has demonstrated how incredibly powerful and important reputation is.

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The efficacy of Oliver Twist – A literary essay

Oliver Twist is a work of literature that has had a far reaching influence on society.  It had contributed pop-culture phenomena such as the titular, “please, sire, I want some more” (12).  Stephen Gill (1999) writes in his introduction to Oliver Twist, “everyone knows, if they know nothing else about the novel, that little Oliver asked for more”.  But what has made Oliver Twist such an influential piece of literature?

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