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Zero Energy Universe is a blog by Gideon Roos, it’s just a place for me (the name above) to ramble on about the topics, issues, matters and tid-bits that I find interesting and important.  Whether they be local matters, international/global issues, or just pet peeves that I think are worth writing over.  Now an early warning to all you prospecting readers, I am horrible at writing something regularly, but let me give it a go, once more.

This blog is carried over from my previous blog on blogger.com, mostly because WordPress is just a way better platform.

The Author

I am an undergraduate student in Journalism and Corporate Communications, with English Literature and Linguistics as my second major, and Psychology as an extra subject.

I love reading all kinds of literature, though my favourites are Hard Science Fiction Space Opera, Classical and Eastern Fantasy, and Historic Fiction novels.  I enjoy stories with realistic characters that reflect the multi-facetiousness of the human psyche, and non-standard protagonists.

I am an amateur writer and poet, though my studies barely leave me with any free time.  I enjoy reviewing as much as I do reading and strive to produce quality, thoughtful and in-depth reviews that look at both content and technical skill.

I am a budding researcher and academic writer with several papers published on Academia.edu.

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