Shadow’s Reach soon to join original literature

I’ll be adding within the next hour ‘Shadow’s Reach’  my latest story project.  The chapters will appear in the feed, but have a look at the ‘Original Literature’ page for details regarding my schedule (in the sense that it isn’t a schedule?), and other details.  And under ‘Original Literature’ you’ll also find the information and index page for Shadow’s Reach.  I’ll update it with the links as soon as I have the first chapter posted.

Please don’t be shy, comment and let me know what you think.  It really helps to keep me motivated to keep doing this.  I want this to be a journey that we undertake together.  If you have any suggestions let me know and we can discuss the direction we go with the story together.

I’m looking forward to taking on this project together with you guys and I hope you enjoy it.

For those too lazy to check out the pages:


Click here to read

I will be working on the story in my free time (which, as you all know, is all but non-existent), so don’t expect too frequent releases.  If and when I do complete a chapter I will schedule it for release on the following Sunday evening (at around 18h00 SAST [GMT+2]).  I’ll also make a post to let you guys know a chapter is upcoming.

I’ll be releasing the prologue out of this schedule (in the next hour) so you guys can have a read and maybe (hopefully) get into it a little bit.



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