At the end of 2016.

It has been quite a while since I’ve updated the blog (a little over two months to be precise).  There have been several reasons for this (three).  I have garnered two or three followers on this blog, so I thought it would be good to let you guys know why exactly I’ve been so unproductive these last two months.

As I’ve stated above, I have three primary reasons why I haven’t done anything on the blog for the past two months.  But let me state right off the bat that this hiatus is only temporary, and is, to some extent, partially planned.  I should be back in steam in February, possible late January (but no promises about Jan.).

1. I haven’t had much to write about.

I am not someone who enjoys reading random ramblings, nor am I one who enjoys writing them.  Generally I prefer to have focused content.  As my Creative Writing professor used to say: “Write because you have something to say, not because you want to say something.”  My content is focused mainly, as I explained in my first post, and is explained in my about page, around literature, and communication and journalism.  And I haven’t come across much to write about in this regard that I can consider truly informative, or on which I have some unique perspective to give.

I offer as example the matter of the complete failure of American media regarding their elections.  I had been planning to write on the matter, to discuss how American journalism has become propaganda instead of even sensationalism, but in doing my research to prepare to write a post about it, I came across literally dozens of people who wrote essentially exactly what I had wanted to say.

I am not someone to clutter the market with my opinion purely to voice it, especially not if there are already others saying everything I have to say (and in some cases, saying it even better than I could), and so I remained silent on the matter.

I am also disinclined to simply write opinion pieces.  I may do it from time to time if I feel it is absolutely necessary, or that I have something important to say, but I generally try to avoid doing that.  I don’t want to write simple social commentary.  I want to write worthwhile academic pieces that inform others, not to preach and complain.

2. I am resting up.

This year has been particularly difficult for me, specifically the second semester of this academic year (from July to late November).  I stopped writing anything at first in order to focus on my studies for the exams (which went of smashingly – by the way), and then thereafter decided to stay quiet to rest up somewhat.  I haven’t even touched my other academic articles which I had been planning to edit for publication, yet.

I’ve been doing the wonderful thing called loafing.  Sleeping for most of the night (for the first time since July), and just spending my days reading Xianxia and Wuxia (an article on that to come sometime in the future).  I’ve been deliberately steering clear of the ‘heavy’ content such as theory textbooks, political and industry articles and the like in order to rest my brain.  I have a very heavy year coming up.  Final year of pre-graduate studies is never easy, but it is particularly difficult for Communication students.

3. I discovered

As you should know by now, I’m not really a very social-media-active person.  Even back when I had a Facebook account, I generally only posted the odd thing once every couple of months (sometimes a year would go by without me even logging on at all).

My inactivity wasn’t the only reason, there were several other reasons for it (Facebook’s censorship and violation of their own privacy policy being most noteworthy amongst these).  Recently (at around the time of my silence) I discovered, a social media alternative to Facebook, Twitter and Youtube witch works wonderfully, and has steered clear of the questionable censorship practices of the latter three.

I haven’t been very active on that either, but the occasional post and comment there has saciated my almost non-existent need for social media.  The result of which has been greatly reduced drive for activity here (or pretty much anywhere else online).

In short, I have been overworked, and under-rested for the last four months, all of which accumulated into my silence.  As I stated above this silence is only temporary, and I should be back and writing starting in about February of next year (2017) when I am both rested and re-exposed to the various topics that I write on.

Please remember that I aim for quality rather than quantity, and that an extended period of silence doesn’t mean that I am no longer thinking about the blog, or writing something, but that I am merely brewing something hopefully worth waiting for.  I’d rather drop a bomb on you guys every month or couple of months, then spam you with worthless rambles and pointless commentary and opinion pieces.


P.S.  I highly recommend checking out  It is a great social platform (and for those of you who do like random ramblings, I do post those over there occasionally.)


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