The problem with Wikipedia; an academic source, or not?

Wikipedia is a wondrous source of information for the casual reader.  Dedicated contributors scour the internet and various other media in search of information and data, and bring them together in pages that neatly organise all that gobble-dy-gook into easily accessible, easily understandable articles for us to read an enlighten ourselves with.  But is Wikipedia a reliable source of information, and more importantly a source that can be referenced/cited in academic articles?

Let’s delve into this question.

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Use of ‘buzz-words’ and insinuative terms in South African media.

Over the past decade or so, especially in the past four to five years, there has emerged a worrying trend in western media, mostly American, British and continental European media, to use ‘buzz-words’ and insinuative terms in their reporting.  This trend seems to be in response to the emerging use of words such as ‘homophobia’ and ‘islamophobia’ as well as various other ‘phobias’ in especially third wave feminist groups and movements.

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My Study Methodology


Here in Potchefstroom it is now officially research time.  Yes, the exams are but 17 days away and it is the time that most students are hitting the textbooks, catching up on their reading and studying their butts off for the coming papers (I hope).  I thought this would be a brilliant time to waste a few minutes typing, and to explain to the one or two people who might read this in the future, how exactly it is that I study.

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Migrating from Blogger

Yes, this is a migrated blog.  I used to have a blog with Blogger, but I’ve decided, after much research and deliberation to migrate that blog to WordPress.  My main reason?  Wordpress is just a much easier platform to use, it is far more user friendly, and generally just works better than Blogger.  Not to say that blogger is bad, just that WordPress, at least in my opinion, is better.

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